kill vs. maim


I. Glasses & Headpiece

  1. Momo’s Sixboi’s Stehen Glasses

  2. Momo’s Cherub Sunglasses

  3. Momo’s Reading Glasses

  4. Momo’s Kaleidoscope Glasses

  5. Momo’s Mercura Golden Monkey Sunglasses

  6. Cyberryeezus’ Dangerous Woman Headpiece

II. Jackets

  1. Kale’s Denium Jacket Acc

  2. Artsims’ Saint Laurent SS16 Souvenir Jacket Acc

III. Vittler Universe’s Collection

  1. VittlerUniverse’s Basyeezy Top

  2. VittlerUniverse’s Basyeezy HighNeck Top

  3. VittlerUniverse’s Basyeezy Long Skirt

  4. VittlerUniverse’s Basyeezy Dress

IV. Urban Outfits

  1. Jordutch’s Spring Outfit

  2. Artsims’ Acne Studio Mock Leather Jacket Acc

  3. Momo’s Sheer Crop Top

  4. Momo’s High Waisted Mermaid Skirts

  5. OrangeBrained’s COCO Cropped Sweater Collar

  6. Pixicat’s Skater Skirt

V. Cyber Gurlz

  1. Momo’s Gangsta Alien Backpack

  2. Pixicat’s Octopus Necklace

  3. Momo’s Jean Overalls Acc

  4. Momo’s Metallic Pinafore Dress Acc

VI. Shoes #1

  1. IkariSims’ Platform Shoes

  2. TractusOpticus’ Satan Says Platforms

  3. Chisami’s Penelope Plats

  4. Tariks’ Shoes N9

  5. Semller’s JC Coltrane

VII. Shoes #2

  1. Chisami’s Lace Round Toe Boots

  2. VittlerUniverse’s Yeezy Boost 950

  3. Chisami’s Faux Leather Ankle Boots

  4. TractusOpticus’ Monso Boots Socks

  5. Momo’s COCO Ankle Boots

• Credits to the original creators here